Frequently Asked Questions



1. How long do appointments usually last?

Appointments are typically anywhere between 45 – 50 minutes.

2. Am I going to get better with therapy?

There is no guarantee that you will get better. Sometimes it may even seem that things are getting worse. However, our goal is to work towards you getting better and that requires honest communication between you and your treatment team.

3. Do you provide couples therapy?

Yes, we do provide couples therapy. However, at least one person must be receiving individual therapy as well.

4. Who makes the decision of seeing a psychiatrist?

You, the client, can ask to meet with a psychiatrist at any time during your treatment. It can either be a direct request by you or a collaborative effort between you and your therapist to request an appointment with the psychiatrist. 

5. What are examples of additional resources I may have access to?

Additional services that you may have access to include: job skills development, housing assistance, substance abuse inpatient services, primary health, benefits assistance, and more.

6. How long will my course of treatment last?

Your course of treatment is tailored to your needs. The length depends on what your individual needs are as a client. If you have concerns your treatment team is here to support you. 

Please feel free to contact us at (323) 234-4445 should you have any questions or concerns.