Black Visions of Wellness (BVOW)


Program Partnership between Weber Community Center & UMMA Community Clinics


To strengthen African and African-American communities through services that encourages physical, mental well-being and recovery while bringing cultural awareness and appreciation of the mind, body and soul.

What We Do

We provide mental and physical health services designed to encourage healthy growth and development in under-served African/African American communities. Our goal is to utilize an African-centered philosophy of treatment and education, to promote wellness and rally resources in the interest of health initiatives, cultural recognition, educational reinforcement, family building and community revitalization.

Core Values

The African/ African American Integrated Service Model (AAA ISM) is committed to eliminating stigma associated with chronic medical conditions, mental illness and substance abuse through the use of evidence-based, culturally-competent prevention services, and collaboration between traditional and non-traditional systems.

Who We Serve

– African/ African American residents of Los Angeles

– Individuals with a Chronic Condition and/or Co-occurring Substance Abuse

– Must meet Medi-Cal necessity for mental health services

– Medically uninsured or under-insured individuals

For more information regarding the BVOW program contact Yolanda Dees, Interim-Program Coordinator at (323) 234-4445 ext. 141 or UMMA Community Clinic (323) 406-5776.